1. Visit to the 2019 International Garden Festival

Our visit to the 2019 International Garden Festival revealed beautiful traditional materials up at the famous Renaissance Chateau and adjacent farm and stables, but more about those in subsequent articles. For centuries the fortunes of the castle were linked to the River Loire for strategic and transport links, and for collecting valuable tolls. Leading down to the Loire riverside “port” in the shadow of Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire are flights of antique limestone steps and rustic cobbled ramps. The water level markers integrated into one double flights is particularly remarkable.

For your landscape and garden design projects, equivalents of these beautiful sturdy French limestone steps and cobbles full of character and worn patina are available.
For more information about the Festival see the link : International Garden Festival Chaumont-sur-Loire.

Présentation des sols anciens du château de Chaumont-sur-Loire


2. Limestone steps

antique limestone steps equivalents


Antique limestone steps

Possible to have them cut to a regular height


Reclaimed limestone steps

Exceptionally neat and tidy set of antique steps


Antique steps in limestone

Hard limestone steps which have a classic bull-nose



Steps antique finish

New with antique patina - can be made-to-measure


3. Rustic limestone cobbles

limestone cobbles bca equivalents to castle


French limestone cobbles

Centuries-old architectural salvaged paving


Limestone Walling

That can be used as very rustic cobbled paving

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