pavés et carrelages anciens au château de Chambord

Let’s kick-off looking at just part of Chambord castle, one of France’s most emblematic chateaux on the River Loire. For it’s proud history and regal glory see these links : Official website of Chambord, and Wikipedia's article


Historic materials in situ, and their BCA EQUIVALENTS

For our more modest « components » view, take a look at my photos of some paving and terra-cotta tiles in situ, antique materials that will of course stay where they belong at Chambord. However there are comparable materials available at BCA such as these following references, sourced from far more modest places. Apart from supplying to French projects, BCA’s antique limestone paving blends perfectly into EG English Cotswolds landscapes or garden projects. The antique reclaimed terra-cotta tiles are re-used on interior projects from cottages to castles !

antique paving from chateau chambord

Antique reclaimed limestone cobblestones

antique nice paving from bca antique materials

Antique french limestone paving

nice antique paving in limestone

Antique french limestone cobbles

terra-cotta tiling 



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