Antique barracks setts in limestone & gritstone

Reference : 202143

Antique barracks setts in limestone & gritstone : This exceptional consignment of antique reclaimed setts is full of character, and could grace a much older property than 19th century due to its historic appearance. They are packed in big bags for despatch. The provenance of these mostly hard limestone and some gritstone cobblestones is from the parade grounds of a French military barracks at Metz, in France’s Lorraine region. However after the Franco-Prussian War and according to the Treaty of Frankfurt of 1871, the city became part of the German Empire, serving as capital of the Bezirk Lothringen until reverting to France at the end of WW1. The 19th century barracks built by the Germans were by the 1930s being used by the 507th French tank regiment commanded by Lieutenant-colonel Charles de Gaulle (see him there on parade on the first photo below). The principal photo shows some laid out dry following pressure washing. This shows the stone colours. The other photos show them “as is” and prior to demolition on site.

Dimensions approx:

  • 15cm x 15cm to 12cm x 20cm (6 x 6 to 4.7 x 8 inches)
  • Height : 15cm to 20cm (6 to 8 inches)

Colonel general de Gaulle  Parade grounds of french military  In loraine France

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