Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring has been one of BCA Antique Materials’ principal activities from the start, since way back in the 20th century …… our company was and still is anchored in the French demolition industry, thereby enabling a fast reaction time to source and save wooden floorboard and parquet floors. This is particularly important when larger buildings, often public or government owned, are to be either taken down or refurbished to such an extent that current fire and building regulations, or the new functions of the interior spaces created, do not permit the wood flooring to be retained. This is not to say that these recognized valuable boards, usually in oak or pine, are obtained for free. Salvaging and reclaiming floors (and sometimes walls or cladding) in wood is expensive and logistically complicated, so inevitably has a re-sale value at a price that can initially look unfavourable if compared solely on price grounds with new wood flooring (which nowadays is usually imported and industrially massed-produced engineered).

Antique wood flooring

Looking through this wood floors section of BCA Matériaux Anciens stock website you’ll quickly see that we have major stocks of floorboards or reclaimed parquet flooring such as the following :

– antique oak floorboards that pre-date the industrial revolution. This means that boards show clearly (often on the back) the hand tool marks left by either a pit-saw or adze (and sometimes both). If you visit our premises to view these stocks our staff will show you these characteristic tool marks which are the sign of great age

– compared them to other more recent 20th century boards such as railway wagon boards whicvh originally were sawn by either circular or band saws. That is not to say the latter are inappropriate, but it is part of learning about the origin of these resources and to which projects they are best suited.

For example, centuries-old oak floorboards often find new homes in centuries-old houses and public buildings, often listed “Monument Historique”, “English Heritage” etc depending on the country. They are often specified for new homes of great character and quality, whether period or contemporary. However wagon boards are particularly appropriate for projects with a more industrial or “loft” style.

Antique French oak flooring

We also re-mill antique French oak into flooring in classic formats such as Versailles flooring, chevron, herringbone, parquet, cladding, and of course narrow and wide floorboards. BCA Antique Materials also have France’s best stocks of centuries-old reclaimed antique oak beams, joists and roof timbers, to be re-used in their original coindition cleaned up, or available for as stick for newly milled products.

We and our clients are committed to the principle of reclaiming and re-using materials. These commodities are particularly appropriate esthetically and ecologically for a multitude of projects. BCA’s stocks of reclaimed wood flooring are priced accordingly and are destined for mid-range to high-end projects. Our antique oak and pine floorboards are being purchased for projects in historic buildings great or small, noble or vernacular, across France, Europe and worldwide. Our advice to potential purchasers with more limited budgets is of course to do your best to source reclaimed salvaged wood flooring and timbers locally wherever you may be. Contact local builders, associations or local commitees dedicated to re-using these valuable timber resources so often destined for the builder’s skip then landfill or burning. That movement has to grow.

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