Graphite distressed oak boards

Reference : 202113

Graphite distressed oak boards : These high quality new engineered oak boards have been painted black then distressed to strip back a lesser or greater percentage of the surface. A durable wax-based finish has then bee applied to « fix » the finish. The result is striking and full of vintage character. They are being used as floorboards, interior wall cladding and ceilings. The upper veneer of oak is solidly glued to birch plywood.

It is possible to personnalise the extent of the black paint compared to the natural oak. Simply indicate the approximate % of black surface you require compared to the natural oak. Other paint colours are possible.
Discover other colours of distressed painted oak boards.

METRIC Dimensions :

  • Board thickness 16mm, with 4.3mm of oak
  • Mixed fixed widths : 160mm / 185mm / 220mm
  • Board lengths from 70cm to 250 cm

IMPERIAL Dimensions :

  • Board thickness 0.63 inch, with 0.17 inch of oak
  • Mixed fixed widths : 6.3 / 7.3 / 8.66 inches
  • Board lengths from 27.5 inches to 98 inches
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