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stone fountain will transform your outdoor garden or landscape project, making it truly unique. For over 30 years, we have been selling antique and natural stone fountains in France and internationally. Carefully sourced by our team of qualified professionals, our products are authentic and integral to France’s heritage. We are dedicated to preserving genuine vestiges of French history.

An antique fountain for the garden tells a story of its time. A stone wall fountain will elevate your outdoor space and enhance your property by providing a water feature as the focal point. We offer various types of fountains, old and new, including antique water fountainstone wall fountain, and garden fountain.


In France’s past, an antique fountain was typically located at the center of a village or at a spring. Today, stone fountains have evolved into decorative elements for gardens. Much like antique troughs, they were prominent features in French manor houses and castles.

BCA Antique Materials stocks antique fountains, and some new ones too. For over 30 years we’ve been selling stone fountains for projects in France and all over the world. Selected by our team of qualified professionals, whether Truly Reclaimed or new “reproductions” they are as authentic as can be.

Indeed, we offer a range of reproduction antique fountains. These items either faithfully follow the original model, or can be based on your specifications and made-to-measure. They are generally in natural limestone, and the colour tone will depend on the type of stone and the weathering or finishing it receives.


Choose a garden fountain and transform your space into a place filled with history and grace. Discover the timeless charm of our antique fountains. Turn your garden into a truly historic haven of peace with our reclaimed fountains.

garden fountain harmonizes all the elements of your garden. Make your outdoor space a haven of serenity and aesthetics with a carefully selected garden fountain.

Decorative garden fountains boast a unique patina. Some come with a brass faucet, or for example an iron spout for the water jet. Creating a water feature is a simple enough process worth the effort when starting with the purchase of a stone garden fountain.


Explore our diverse catalogue of outdoor fountains, ranging from classic designs to more unique pieces. Each of our outdoor fountains carries a unique character while maintaining exceptional quality. We understand the importance of preserving heritage, which is why we are committed to offering enduring pieces that stand the test of time.

Indulge in our various selections. Find the outdoor fountain that perfectly matches your tastes and space. We ensure secure delivery so that your new acquisition arrives in perfect condition, ready to enhance your outdoor area.

Outdoor fountains bring the soothing sounds of flowing water. In a closed circuit, fountains do not waste water unnecessarily. Discover our numerous models.


Wall fountains are ideal for more confined spaces. They offer an elegant choice for those who desire a water feature without sacrificing much space.


Central fountains prove to be focal points for your garden or courtyard. They add a touch of grace to your outdoor space. Placed at the center of a garden, they become the highlight of landscaping, creating an enchanting environment.

The gentle murmur of trickling water creates a relaxing atmosphere, transforming your garden into a tranquil space. Central fountains are available in a variety of styles, from classic shapes that evoke timeless elegance to more contemporary designs that bring a modern touch.


Are you in search of a water fountain full of charm to add an elegant touch to your garden or outdoor space? Explore our exclusive collection of antique water fountains, carefully chosen for their timeless beauty and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our water fountains are the perfect blend of history and aesthetics. Each piece tells its own story, bringing an authentic ambiance and timeless elegance to your surroundings. Whether you’re an antique enthusiast or a connoisseur of refined gardens, our water fountains are designed to captivate your imagination.

When you choose one of our antique water fountains, you’re investing in more than just a decorative object. You’re investing in a story, in the art of vintage craftsmanship, and in creating a unique atmosphere in your home.

Stone fountains add an elegant and calming touch to any outdoor space. Water flows gracefully through tiered fountains, creating a mesmerizing display of streams and waterfall features. These outdoor water fountains enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings and serve as eye-catching pieces of art.

Whether it’s an outdoor wall fountain or a centerpiece in your outdoor living space. The running water and water cascades bring a sense of tranquillity. The fountain features seamlessly blend with the environment, turning the ordinary into an extraordinary piece of nature-inspired decor.

The gentle sound of water further enhances the ambiance. It makes these cast stone fountains a delightful addition to any outdoor setting. The waterfall fountains create a captivating focal point in outdoor spaces. As streams of water cascade gracefully, adding both visual appeal and a soothing auditory experience.

We also market a range of reproduction fountains. We have made it in solid natural limestone by our stone workshop partners to replicate antique fountains and pools that we’ve had in stock in the past.

Those that over 100 years of age are the subject of an application to the French Ministry of Culture to obtain an export certificate.

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