Antique Belgian Blue-stone wall fountain

Reference : 2023161

Antique Belgian Blue-stone wall fountain: This wall fountain was carved from Belgian (or Northern France) Blue-stone in the Baroque style in two parts. The highly decorative upper sections hold a water reservoir carved into it, which would have been supplied either by spring water, or filled manually (with what beverage we speculate ??). The water then flowed out through the two brass taps (faucets) fitted into the mouth of each moustachioed face to drop into a shallow basin which has its overflow to the rear.

A wall fountain such as this could be integrated above a bigger fountain or Italianate cascade, or reinstalled as an  objet d’art inside or outside being put into service if required. See the majestic pair of 5-clawed lion’s paws carved into the front angles. This wall-fountain is such an unusual and appealing feature. Unforgettable and almost quirky it will find a distinctive place in an imaginative location. Could it be used to chill champagne on ice for al-fresco dining ….. ? 

Dimensions approx (metric):

  • Overall height : 60 cm (upper 45 cm + lower section 15 cm)
  • Upper reservoir section 
  • Width at base 64 cm x front to back 30 cm x height 45 cm
  • Inside width 55 cm x front to back 23 cm x height 19 cm
  • Lower basin section
  • Overall width 70 cm x front to back 60 cm x height 15 cm
  • Lower basin inside width 60 cm x front to back 24.5 cm x depth 6 cm with central waste hole

Dimensions approx (imperial):

  • Overall height : 24 inches (upper 18 inches + lower section 6 inches)
  • Upper reservoir section
  • Inside width 22 inches x front to back 9 inches x height 7.5 inches
  • Lower basin section
  • Overall width 27.5 inches x front to back 24 inches x height 6 inches
  • Lower basin inside width 24 inches x front to back 10 inches x depth 2.33 with central waste hole

This unique Truly Reclaimed wall fountain is on display in the architectural salvage display area at BCA’s new premises at Pont L’Evêque, near Deauville in Normandy.

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