Antique octagonal pool fountain

Reference : 202228

Antique fountain water feature : This antique fountain in limestone dates from the 19th century (or could be early 20th century). The octagonal pool has recently been re-dimensioned at the block joints following some damage at their extremities. The central Classic square section column has pipework, but requires attention for water flow.

Dimensions approx :

Overall size: 210cm x 210cm (83 x 83 inches)
Pool wall height: 35cm (14 inches)
Pool inside dimension: 172cm x 172cm (68 x 68 inches)
Column at its base: 50cm x 50cm (20 x 20 inches)
Section at mid-height: 32cm x 32cm (13 x 13 inches)
Capital viewed in plan: 48cm x 48cm (19 x 19 inches)
Height at the apex of the stone column: 168cm (66 inches)
Height of the cast iron vase 37cm (14.5 inches)

On display at BCA’s landscaping and garden antiques display at Mery-Corbon (14) between Caen and Lisieux.

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