Antique stone sinks

Reference : 202022

Antique stone sinks : Discover this selection of 5 ancient French limestone sinks we have in stock, sold separately (see the number). For those not familiar with historic sinks like these, you need to visualize their position embedded into the interior of a window reveal, with its “spout” protruding to the exterior below the window ledge. In the days before plumbing and electric light these shallow sinks were “work-stations” functioning more like draining boards, making the best of natural light and allowing the overflow to water the garden or land in a trough….. nothing wasted. They also make excellent exterior water features …. so garden designers it’s over to you for you to imaginatively integrate them into your schemes.

Approx dimensions of each one – see the photos for clarity:

  • 1. 130cm x 88cm x ht 21cm.
  • 3. 124cm x 96cm x Ht 16cm. Inner depth 2.5cm.
  • 4. 86cm x 54cm x Ht 14cm. Inner depth 1.5cm.
  • 5. 145cm x 92cm x ht 20cm. Inner depth 1cm.
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