Antique stone window reveal sink

Reference : 2023089

Antique stone window reveal sink : This shallow sink made in French limestone is no newer than 19th century, and could be much older. It is a fine example of shallow stone sink that was built into a window reveal. The long outside edge with the incline literally formed the window ledge, and that incline is flanked by the squared angles onto which the window’s side jambs were built. Its narrow side gulley allowed the waste water to drain to exterior, thereby watering a herb or vegetable patch for example. The interior face is finely carved with 2 quarter-round corners that projected into the room. Being located at the window meant that it was a perfect « work station » for preparing meat, fish or fruit & vegetables, being well-lit by natural light and alsdo strategically placed to survey the farmyard activities.

Nowadays they can be re-used as an exterior garden water feature, but why not in a historically authentic kitchen, scullery, boot-room, wine-cellar or greenhouse ?

Shown on display with antique carved plinth (ref. 00704)

Dimensions approx :

  • Overall width : 149cm (59 inches)
  • Overall front to back : 68cm (27 inches)
  • Thickness : 27cm (nearly 11 inches)
  • Basin front to back : 30cm (12 inches)
  • Basin width : 110cm (43 inches)

On display in the architectural salvage displays at BCA’s Maine & Loire premises at L’Hotellerie-de-Flée.

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