Double fountain in reclaimed limestone with pillar

Reference : 202180

Double fountain in reclaimed limestone with pillar :

This is a fine example of a French village fountain with double spouts, as typically found in a provincial square, manor-house courtyard or stables. Re-install it in a historic garden as a superb water feature, and once plumbed in to a water supply (mains or spring water, or circulation pump) it will prove to be useful as well as being an exceptional garden feature. It has iron bars to support buckets …. very functional. This heavyweight piece has been re-assembled from antique reclaimed limestone elements. Being composed of reclaimed elements, but not an original antique, makes it relatively affordable compared to antique stone fountains. Installation could be awkward due to its weight but shipping is easily arranged

Weight approx : 3400kg (7,500 US lbs).

Dimensions approx:

  • Overall height : 215cm (85 inches)
  • Overall length : 215cm (85 inches)
  • Overall width : 125cm (49 inches)
  • Pool wall height : 70cm (28 inches)
  • Pool depth : 28cm (11 inches)
  • Pillar section : 34cm x 34cm (13.5 x 13.5 inches)
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