New slate vases

Reference : 01451

New slate vases : The timeless elegance of black slate is a perfect choice to enhance your interior or exterior. Crafted from this natural stone, this vase will bring a touch of sophistication and nature to your space. Black slate, known for its beauty and durability, gives the vase a refined aesthetic that complements a variety of decorating styles. Its deep black color creates an elegant contrast, showcasing your flowers and plants.

Dimensions approx :

  • Height 120cm (47 inches)
  • Top opening 40 x 41cm (15.75 x 16.15 inches)
  • At base 19 x 21cm (7.5 x 8.25 inches)

On display at BCA’s Pont-l’Évêque premises in the Calvados (14 – Normandy).

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