Giant “Ali Baba & 40 thieves” jars

Reference : 2023027

Giant “Ali Baba & 40 thieves” jars : These two antique terracotta jars from North Africa were hand-made traditionally then had a paint finish applied that was deliberately burnt to give a striking blackened patina. In an arid non-freezing climate they would be suitable for exterior, otherwise they are for interior use. Although at first glance they form a matching pair, in fact they are different sizes.

Dimensions approx METRIC:

• N°1 : Height 150 cm x diameter 98 cm with a 33 cm open top

• N°2 : Height 140 cm x diameter 90 cm with a 35 cm open top

Dimensions approx IMPERIAL :

  • N°1 : Height 59 inches x diameter 39 inches with a 13 inch open top
  • N°2 : Height 55 inches x diameter 35.5 inches with 13.75 inch open top

On display at our new premises at Pont L’Evêque, near Deauville.

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