Rectangular antique stone pool

Reference : 2024027

Rectangular antique stone pool: This antique reclaimed limestone surround was nicely sculpted in hard limestone, presumed 19th century. It now has a lovely worn weathered aesthetic making it ideal for a garden designer to integrate it into a formal garden. The lower part of the pool surround is flared outwards, adding elegance and stability, thereby making it suitable for a noble property.

The pool surround is made up of 4 separate pieces, without a base. It would also work well as a raised garden planter or decorative architectural element.

Dimensions approx :

  •  Exterior Length : 195cm (77 inches)
  • Exterior Width : 110 cm (43 inches)
  • Exterior Height : 50 cm (20 inches)
  • Interior dimensions : 147cm x 62cm x depth 50 cm
  • Interior dimensions : 58 x 24 x depth 20 inches

On display in our architectural salvage display area at our L’Hôtellere-de-Flée premises near Segré in the Maine & Loire.

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