Circular antique shallow stone pool

Reference : 2023091

Circular antique shallow stone pool : This magnificent expertly carved pool is shallow in the style of a bird bath. It would typically be re-installed with a central jet of water or other feature. It is dated 1892 and was cut from a single block of hard French limestone. Antique fountains being so rare to source, it is ideal for landscape architects or garden designers with a noble garden or courtyard project requiring an authentic centre-piece water feature. For presentation at BCA it is set up with a Medici vase (ref. 202059) in its centre, and surrounded by antique reclaimed cobblestones (ref. 202295), which can be included in the sale.

Dimensions approx :

  • Exterior diametre 235cm (92.5 inches)
  • Side height : 35cm (14 inches)
  • Weight : approx 3 tonnes (3.3 US tons)

On display in the architectural salvage displays at BCA’s Maine & Loire premises at L’Hotellerie-de-Flée

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