Stone pillar

Stone pillars bring a timeless and robust touch to any outdoor space. We offer antique or new stone pillars to support antique gates. Our heavyweight range combines aesthetics, durability, and quality, and we master surface finishes when making new ones so that they are already “weathered”. These stone columns can transform your garden or entrance while adding enduring value to your property. Discover our collection of traditional stone gate pillars and columns and give your entrance and other buildings the timeless elegance they deserve.

Stone column

The stone columns comprise several elements that contribute to its grandeur, as the higher you choose to build them, the more impressive they are (within reason !).

Firstly, the stone column rests on a base block. This base intends to be slightly more imposing than the rest of the structure. It serves a crucial function by securely anchoring the column down to foundations. This is ensuring its stability and long-term durability, particularly as we hollow out the core to enable the passage of reinforcing bars (and even ducts for wiring) so that the column or pillar is structurally sound on correct foundations.

Additionally, the base plays an aesthetic role by creating a harmonious transition between the stone column and its surroundings. It contributes to a successful visual integration into the overall setting, particularly if the local stone is a fairly close match.

Next, we have the shafts, which constitute the main body of the stone column. These intermediate elements provide the structural connection between the base and the capital. The shafts can be sculpted, featuring sophisticated decorative motifs or reliefs. This can add an artistic and complex dimension to the column’s design, emphasizing its distinctive and aesthetic character. Any bespoke addition decorative works have to be costed in addition to the basic prices.

Finally, at the top of the stone column, we find the capital, also known as the crowning or cap. This upper part of the column serves as the visual conclusion of the structure. It plays an aesthetic role in adorning the column and is a Classic feature from Antiquity. However, for a more modern look, you can omit such detail and specify the gate pillars or columns solely using the shaft blocks.

Gate pillar

Our gate pillars are crafted from natural stone using the highest quality materials. Limestone combines the strength of the material with refined aesthetics.

Do you prefer a classic, modern, or rustic style ? Never mind, our collection of gate pillars in limestone offers a variety of designs to cater to your preferences. The elegant shapes and meticulous details of our pillars add an artistic dimension to your outdoor space. This creates a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere.

The limestone imparts authentic beauty to our gate pillars, making them weather-resistant and requiring minimal maintenance. Their unique texture and artisanal finish add unparalleled value to your property.

Limestone pillars

These antique limestone pillars withstand the whims of weather. Be it driving rain, summer heat, or winter storms, preserving their structural integrity. The limestone used for pillars provides these elements with exceptional weather resistance, ensuring well longevity.

Over time, they have acquired an exceptional patina. Their beauty will enhance the attractiveness of your property.

Our antique limestone pillars often use as a landscape element in a garden. Despite their primary function as gate supports.

Our skilled professionals apply their expertise to source high-quality limestone pillars.

Antique pillar

Antique pillars for gates are a distinctive element that bestows timeless elegance upon your entrance. Our antique pillars combine the sturdiness of natural stone with a rustic design.

We select antique pillars to ensure resilience while adding an aesthetic touch to your outdoor space. Whether you seek a classic, modern, or traditional style, our antique gate pillars adapt to your preferences.

A pair of limestone pillars enhances the aesthetic appeal of your entrance. Our stone gate pillars are a perfect blend of functionality and elegance.

With us, quality goes hand in hand with variety. We offer a diverse range of antique pillars, allowing everyone to find the model that suits their preferences. From granite to limestone, each stone is carefully chosen to ensure impeccable quality.

Our antique pillars should accommodate any type of gate: swinging gate, sliding gate, manual gate, and more.

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