Antique French street-lamp by Charles GAUTIER

Reference : 2023158

Antique French street-lamp by Charles GAUTIER: This extraordinary decorative cast iron street lamp dates from the late 19th century, embossed with the maker’s mark CHARLES GAUTIER, BORDEAUX. Charles Gautier was a French sculptor specialised in works of art in bronze and other cast metals, so it is no surprise that he would have designed prestigious decorative street lighting too. Previously lighting historic Bordeaux, it is very rare to procure such a noble decorative cast iron street lamp. It will find its place for example at a historic gateway and drive, or an entrance porch.

This street lamp can be partially dismantled in three principal sections, thereby enabling easier shipping and re-assembly. Initially they were gas-lights, and Bordeaux was connected with gas mains in the late 19th century for street lighting. The age and the prestige of that bygone age is reflected in the patina of the faded green paintwork. It is very evocative and it’s easy to imagine the 19th century street scenario of night-time passers-by, pedestrians and horse drawn carriages, dimly lit by the gas-light.

Dimensions approx:

  • Overall height : 3.60 metres (12 ft 10 inches)
  • Diameter at the base : 51 cm (20 inches)

On display at BCA’s new architectural and garden antiques display at Pont L’Evêque, in Normandy.


Old photo of Bordeaux around 1910

Vintage photo of Bordeaux, Allées de Tourny

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