Antique Street lamps & lighting

Discover our selection of old lamps from Paris and other French towns, and reclaimed industrial lighting. They can bring considerable authenticity, charm, and in the case of some of the old industrial lights eclecticism to your interiors and exteriors. We sometimes have antique street lamps from famous Parisian boulevards undergoing works.

Reclaimed industrial lighting

For the industrial lights, they are reclaimed during demolition or renovation of factories and workshops. Generally re-used in interior decoration projects, reclaimed industrial lamps have a strong following from customers attracted to their atypical design of the time. Generally in

cast metal, these lamps are very robust and resistant, but we do not renew their electrical components or guarantee their fitness to purpose.

At BCA Matériaux Anciens, we have been supplying antique and reclaimed lamps to projects across France, and exporting all over the world for more than 20 years.

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