Forged steel entrance gates – width 3,5 m

Reference : 202216

Forged steel entrance gates: This pair of entrance gates is newly made in raw steel in the traditional French style featuring hand-forged wrought arabesques across its central frieze, and an arched upper section. There are low sheet-steel panels along the lower section. These panels are more common in France than in other countries, and we’ve heard that the reason for this is to keep guard dogs from constantly looking through and barking at passersby. It goes without saying that the bigger the guard dog, the higher the low panel would have to be ….

These gates are deliberately left without any surface treatment. many clients want them with the rust which can be fixed by applying oil periodically, looking authentically antique. Otherwise the purchaser can organise painting them and perhaps having them galvanized by a specialist.

Dimensions approx:

  • Height at apex :  2.80 metres
  • Height at sides :  2.35 metres
  • Overall width : 3.5 metres

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