Antique forged iron entrance gateway

Reference : 2023147

Antique forged iron entrance gateway: This imposing set of Truly Reclaimed forged and wrought iron double gates, side gates, with a long run of matching railings and low stone side walls will transform a mundane entrance into that of a prestigious property. It is also a property defence feature because the rather vicious spikes are a well positioned discouragement against intruders. These gates and railings were made at the forge, probably in the late 19th century. There is a wealth of hand-forged iron details from spikes and spear heads, to graceful arabesques.

Flanking each side of the central main double gates (originally for horses & carriages) is a smaller pedestrian gate. This entrance way also has a considerable length of matching iron railings with the same decorative and defensive details, and the approx 4.9 metre run (over 16 feet) of low reclaimed stone walls not included (they can be provided as an additional option; please specify this in the quotation request).

Dimensions approx: 

  • Main double gates : Height 3.70m at the central apex (12 ft +)
  • Vehicle passage width : 3.00m (9 ft 10 inches) IE each gate 1.5m (4 ft 11 inches)
  • Side gates (x 2) : Height 215cm x width 80cm (7 ft x 2 ft 7 inches)
  • Side walls (x 2) : Height 80cm (2 ft 7 inches) x total 4.90 linear metres (16 ft +) (additional)
  • Overall combined length of all the gates & railings :
    • Railings = 22 metres, 2 gates width 80cm, 2 upright supports between the gates each 40cm, maon gateway 300cm. Total 22m + 1.6m + 0.8m + 3m = 27.4m.
    • Railings = 72 ft 2 inches, 2 gates width 2 ft 7 inches, 2 upright supports between the gates each 1 ft 4 inches, main gateway 9 ft 10 inches. Total = 89 ft 11 inches approx.

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