Antique gates

Authentic antique French gates in wrought iron are sourced by our team of professionals with the aim of offering you “the real thing”. Some can be truly opulent, and others of elegant simplicity. Functional but decorative elements, a gateway comprising gates and stone pillars give the first impression of a property. Antique gates can also be used in other contexts, as a decorative feature in a garden or an interior, perhaps used as a trellis for climbing plants, or as a room divider. To add more garden salvage, look at these antique granite posts.

Antique wrought iron gates

Pairs of antique stone pillars are frequently sourced with the gates to make up the original gateway, but otherwise suitable combinations can be assembled. Our antique materials take you through different periods of the history of France and bring charm and character to your projects.

Antique Pillars

We also offer a range of new natural limestone pillars and repro solid steel (not tube) heavyweight gates made traditionally. Our replicas are made following traditional models and can be made bespoke to order to your specified dimensions. Made with quality materials which will gain suitable patina over time, these reproduction gateways in traditional materials come very close to the originals and give maximum authenticity to your project. The gateways and all our garden architectural salvage that are over 100 years of age are the subject of an application to the French Ministry of Culture to obtain an export certificate.

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