New slate & limestone benches

Reference : 202244

New slate & limestone benches : Heavyweight new natural stone benches. This simple bench  features a slab of natural schist (rustic slate) laid onto a pair of solid limestone blocks (our Mera Beige limestone). Particular care should be taken when installing them to ensure they are adequately supported on a firm foundation, and that rocking is prevented by fixing the seat slab securely to the leg blocks….. good masonry practice.

Weight : 305 kg approx.

Dimensions approx :

  • Length :  250cm (98.5 inches)
  • Front to back : 50cm (20 inches)
  • Seat thickness : 8cm (3 inches)
  • Blocks : upright 55cm (22 inches) x width 40cm (16 inches) x thickness 20cm (8 inches)

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