Antique benches

Discover our selection of antique benches and repro benches at BCA Matériaux Anciens. To complete your garden, park or terrace, antique benches have always been appreciated as a fine and valuable feature. Their authenticity and their history convinces our customers to opt for the real thing (or our convincing reproductions) sourced or selected by our team of dedicated professionals. In metal, wood or stone, antique benches are a first choice to “furnish” gardens and make exterior spaces welcoming.

Antique stone benches

Some of our benches are particularly old and historic. For example, we have a well documented early 17th century limestone bench from the lavish parks and water gardens created in the 17th century at the Château de Reul initially from 1606 to 1620 by Jean de Moisset and subsequently by the Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642) under Louis XIII’s reign. This bench is 5.75 metres long (nearly 19 ft) and is one of the last vestiges of the château and water gardens which pre-dated Versailles.

Antique french garden bench

In addition, we also offer ranges of repro bench in metal, some being classic “French Bistro” made the same as the original model. For those over 100 years of age, the more significant ones are the subject of an application to the French Ministry of Culture to obtain an export certificate.

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