Antique limestone curbstones

Reference : 2023151

Antique limestone curbstones: These Truly Reclaimed limestone curbstones, or kerbs, have been sourced from old roads where French limestone from local quarries was used, rather than bringing the more common granite from further afield. They are therefore more exceptional and historic, and are ideal for changes of level for roads and landscaping especially when used alongside BCA’s antique reclaimed limestone cobbles and flagstones (EG: see cobbles ref 00243, 202143 or 2023177 and flagstones ref 00096 or 01364).

These hand-cut Kerbstones were prepared by workers in the limestone quarry, or at nearby workshops, then transported to site by horse-drawn wagons, canal barges, or early railways. With stone borders such as these being so durable, in hard French limestone, they should provide more centuries of use. They are beautifully weathered, so are unmistakably antique reclaimed.

Quantity : 160 linear meter

Dimensions approx:

  • Height : +/- 26 cm (10 inches)
  • Width : +/- 16 cm (6 inches)
  • Their lengths vary
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