Antique reclaimed French granite setts

Reference : 2024001

Antique reclaimed French granite setts: This large consignment of classic French granite worn cobblestones comes from Paris’s 19th century Batignolles railway station forecourts and marshalling yards. The huge complex of Batignolles Station in Paris’s 17th arrondissement was re-developed several years ago, releasing successive phases of these excellent setts.

These Truly Reclaimed granite setts are relatively regular and feature the characteristic nuances of grey and beige through to a warmer rosé colour. When wet that colour variation is enhanced.

Well known to be particularly heavyweight, robust and resistant to wear and freezing they can be re-used on traditional landscaping and paving projects and are particularly authentic for 19th century historic properties.

Metric dimensions approx:

  • Lengths 200 to 220 mm x widths 140 to 160 mm x depth 150 to 200 mm.

Imperial dimensions approx:

  • Lengths 7.9 to 9 inches x widths 5.5 to 6.3 inches x depth 6 to 8 inches.

Current stocks (January 2024) approx 1,600 square metres (approx 17,200 sq ft) is bagged ready to load at BCA’s Normandy depot at Méry-Corbon between Caen and Lisieux.

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