Antique French cobblestones from Versailles

Reference : 201603

Antique French cobblestones from Versailles: A large consignment of classic French gritstone worn setts from Versailles. On this historic postcard from 1905 we see the paving in front of the station in Versailles near the chateau. It is very close in stone type and worn surface to the antique gritstone cobbles in front of the Chateau de Versailles. Metric dimensions approx: lengths 200 to 300mm x widths 180 to 200mm x depth 170mm to 200mm. Imperial dimensions approx: lengths 7.9 to 12 inches x widths 7 to 8 inches x depth 6.7 to 8 inches. We have another consignment with the same Versailles provenance in granite, see ref 201604. Antique cobbled square in front of the station at Versailles in 1905 : 1385801173-78-Versailles-Chantiers-1-

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