You want to replace your old tiles with antique terracotta tiles? It's a great idea because terracotta tiles bring real personality to a room and give it a lot of character.

However, you're wondering if you can install antique terracotta tiles directly on existing tiles. The answer is YES and NO. We'll explain everything to you.

Yes, you can install terracotta tiles over an existing tile floor

Indeed, an existing tiled floor on a rigid masonry base is likely to be suitable for adhering a new terracotta tiles on top.

No, installing antique terracotta tiles over tile is not advisable

It might be a false economy to take that approach.

Considerations for installing antique terracotta tiles on tile floor

To make an informed decision, you must consider certain essential elements. Here are a few.

Floor level

To begin, the finished floor level will, of course, be higher. Inevitably, adding the thickness of the antique terracotta tiles with mortar reduces the ceiling height. Although this elevation may seem minimal, around a few centimeters, its repercussions can have significant consequences throughout the house. Two aspects deserve particular attention:

  • Firstly, the elevation of the floor level may require adjustments to existing doors. They may no longer open properly on the new terracotta tiles. A reassessment of door openings and potentially some readjustment work will be necessary to ensure the continuous functionality of access.
  • Additionally, installing antique terracotta tiles can compromise an existing staircase in two ways. Either the first step could become lower than the others, disrupting the uniformity of the steps. Or, if the new tiling is installed upstairs, the last step could be too high, creating a risk of non-compliance with safety standards.

Before undertaking such work, it is recommended to consult with a professional to precisely assess these potential adjustments and ensure a seamless integration of antique terracotta tiles into your existing environment.

Condition of the existing floor

Before embarking on any project to lay antique terracotta tiles on an existing floor, carefully assess the current condition of the surface. Is the existing floor in good condition, free of major defects such as cracks, irregularities, or obvious signs of deterioration?

Next, consider whether your floor needs improvement, such as with a moisture-proof membrane and/or thermal insulation to optimize the performance of the covering?

You must be certain to provide an environment conducive to the installation of antique terracotta tiles. Take the time to evaluate these elements to ensure that the new surface will benefit from a solid and durable foundation.

Sometimes, it may be advisable to consider the removal of the old tiles and underlying layers for a complete floor modernization. This approach not only eliminates potential issues but also provides an opportunity to adapt the floor to contemporary standards in terms of design, functionality, and durability.

Make this decision carefully, taking into account the specific needs of your space and the long-term benefits of a thorough renovation.

Installation of a new network

In such a project, it is imperative to consider related work involving wiring and pipework. Indeed, installing a new covering often presents an opportunity to optimize underground infrastructures by laying new networks beneath freshly laid antique terracotta tiles. This consideration is crucial, especially in spaces like the kitchen or bathroom, where the performance of electrical and hydraulic networks is essential.

However, even in other areas like living rooms and bedrooms, it may be wise to consider the need for upgrading wiring and pipework. A modern electrical system and efficient water pipes contribute to daily comfort and can significantly impact the overall value and functionality of the house.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are upgrading networks, the removal of the existing floor is generally the best approach. This step provides an opportune moment to modernize them, ensuring the long-term consistency and performance of your space. Before proceeding, consult a professional to precisely assess your network's needs and make informed decisions regarding the best approach for your renovation project.

Questions to ask before installing terracotta tiles on existing tile floor

In conclusion, while the possibility of installing antique terracotta tiles over an existing tiled floor exists, this process requires a detailed assessment. Potential adjustments related to floor elevation, considerations about the condition of the existing floor, and the consideration of related work such as wiring and pipework are crucial factors to consider.

In some cases, the removal of the existing tile may provide an opportunity for a complete modernization, ensuring the long-term consistency and performance of the space. It is highly recommended to consult with a professional for tailored advice before undertaking such a project.