Pairs of antique iron-clad doors

Reference : 2023131

Pairs of antique iron-clad doors : We have 2 pairs of virtually matching antique reclaimed hardwood doors featuring medieval style wrought ironwork in excellent condition. Although they are fixed together by 3 temporary cross-pieces for transport and presentation, they are actually double doors which can be re-used as such or used as interior decor or room dividers. The timber of these doors ressembles oak, but the wood is actually a teak-like hardwood.

Each door is rectangular, but the arched upper mouldings show that the doors had been installed originally in the reveal of an archway, but there was a wide horizontal lintel behind that arch under which these doors were fitted. Viewed from the exterior of the arch of course only the finely detailed door up to the arched moulding was visible, whereas from the interior the doors were horizontal at the top.

These antique medieval-style doors are of great quality, well-made and rare, and will surely find their place in an exceptional property. 2 pairs are available, on display at BCXA’s new Pont L’Evêque premises in Normandy, South of Deauville.

Dimensions approx :

  • Height : 196 cm (77 inches)
  • Width : 162 cm (64 inches)
  • Plank thickness : 20 mm (4/5 inch)
  • Thickness of the surface moulding + 25 mm (+ 1 inch)
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