Antique reclaimed steps in limestone

Reference : 00732

Antique reclaimed steps in limestone : featuring a half-round “bullnose”

Dimensions approx: 

  • Height : 6cm (approx 2.5″)
  • Lengths are mostly 100 to 105cm (39″ to 41″) but vary depending on the width of the original stairs or esplanade changes of level.
  • Widths approx 35cm (14″) but vary.
  • Thickness approx 9 to 10cm (3.5″ to 4″)
  • But if sawn to thickness on the underside retaining bullnose the thickness is 50 to 60mm, depending on consignments being sourced.

Suggestion: Use these steps combined with our matching antique limestone flagstone BCA refs 00096, 201953 and 10096, or step refs 00408:
Our reclaimed flagstones exquisite surface patina

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