French vineyard antique stakes in schist

Reference : 01329

French vineyard antique stakes in schist. These antique reclaimed stakes are reclaimed from the Loire vineyards in the vicinity of the historic Angers slate mines, near BCA Matériaux Anciens’ main premises. They are hewn from schist, a rustic slate, and have weathered for generations in the vineyards, each supporting a vine. The worn marks from the supporting wires are clearly visible on the tops.

Typical lengths are mostly 80cm to 100cm, and the sections vary but many are approx 8 x 10cm. They can be re-used in a vineyard, but they are also great for making slender garden walls, or fence-posts at intervals using wires, or horizontally as borders along pathways etc.

For example see the photos of the sea-side property garden boundary, where they perfectly match the rustic schist roofing.

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