New cobbles

We offer a range of new cobbles and setts. New cobbles are natural stone pavers, with a worn aged patina on the top of the stone. The new cobbles will bring charm to your project and an authentic and elegant style to your exterior, and they are generally lower cost that the authentic antique stocks.

New cobbles, natural stone

In sandstone, granite, porphyry or limestone, new cobbles are generally quicker to install than antique cobbles and setts because they have a more regular format and thickness. In straight bands, diagonal, curved or peacock tail pattern, the laying patterns can be chosen according to the desired result.

For your terrace or patio, your driveway or for garden paths, these new aged pavers will adapt to any type of project. From classic to rustic, from historic to contemporary, we offer different types of cobbles, pavers and setts. Our professional team can advise you and help with a choice most suited to your project.

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