Wood fireplace mantels

Antique wood fireplace and reclaimed wood fireplace less frequently available than antique stone fireplaces, due to the potential for decay over so many years, wooden fireplaces are equally varied in style and often particularly elegant. They can add a “warmer” feel to interiors than stone, and may better match your antique furniture and parquet flooring. In pine, oak, chestnut, walnut or mahogany, sometimes painted, our antique wood fireplaces are sometimes left “as is”, but some may be dismantled carefully for cleaning and restoration in our workshops.

Antique wood fireplace

At BCA Matériaux Anciens, we have been exporting wooden antique fireplaces and mantels for more than 20 years. Our French and international customers share our passion for preserving these historic elements. All our antique chimneypieces, inevitably more than 100 years of age, are the subject of an application to the French Ministry of Culture to obtain an export certificate for each one.

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