Limestone facing-stone cladding

Reference : 2019112

Limestone facing-stone cladding : This natural limestone with its hand-tooled rustic face is ideal for cladding either new or existing walls, giving an authentic antique wall surface which will quickly weather although this stone is newly quarried. This walling stone will match many different regions’ and countries’ local stone, and will weather authentically according to the climate in the way local stone would have done. The wall on the photos was clad as “dry stone walling” without grouting, but used with a slightly wider joint this stone cladding can be grouted with a lime mortar and thereby conform to local walling techniques where pointing is systematic.
Use this facing stone together with our same limestone refs 201642 rustic ashlar facing stone and ref 201643 rustic face corner blocks, shown on the photos of this wall. Contact us if you require lintels, window ledges, copings and steps to be specially made to your dimensions, and see in particular Prieuré flagstones ref 01510 for same stone interior and exterior paving and flooring.

Dimensions : 

  • Variable thickness due to its hand-tooling : 2cm to 5cm (1 to 2 inches) approx. 
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