Reclaimed mixed oak panels – engineered

Reference : 201657

Reclaimed mixed oak panels – engineered :

Characteristics of these reclaimed boards assembled into panels :

The reclaimed rustic oak boards and timbers with their various original patinas are converted into engineered format adhered onto a plywood panel. They can be used for very rustic flooring, or for room division, bedheads or other wall features, interior cladding, ceilings.

Metric Dimensions approx:

Panel size : 1000mm x 2200mm Widths : mixed Thickness : 26mm of which 6mm is the solid reclaimed oak lop layer.

Imperial Dimensions approx:

Panel size : 39 inches x 86 inches Widths : mixed width pieces adhered to plywood panels. Thickness : 1 inch of which 0.25 inch is the reclaimed oak lop layer.

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