Antique Haussmann French oak parquet

Reference : 201840

Antique Haussmann French oak parquet. Antique reclaimed French oak parquet flooring. This is an exceptional consignment with provenance all from the same French state-owned building. They are authentic and have matching compatible patina across the whole consignment. The boards have been de-nailed and the tongues and grooves in good enough condition for re-use. It is a consignment we refer to as “Hausmannien” because it is the classic Parisian 19th century apartment flooring. It also provides a stock for us to prepare herringbone or chevron parquet flooring consignments. Purchase the quantity you need, we do not insist on it being sold as a single job lot.
NB: it’s most unusual to have such a large matching quantity !!

Metric Dimensions approx:

board lengths : from 500mm to 1800mm

Board widths : from 75 mm to 90 mm

Thickness : +/- 23 mm

stored at our l’Hôtellerie-de-Flée premises in the Maine & Loire (49500)

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