SOLD: Massive antique French limestone planter

Reference : 202213

Massive antique French limestone planter, dating from the 19th century or maybe older. It is one of several currently in stock, hand-hewn by stone masons from huge stone blocks quarried locally. Each block was carved out and their curved round exteriors were carved into shape. Tool marks being clearly visible, and part worn, the patina of each is excellent.

The stone vats or tubs are called « ponnes » in French, and were used for doing the laundry using a mixture of water and wood ash. They were NOT made as planters. The laundry workers apparently poured hot water in at the top, washed the laundry and drained the water out through a hole near the base (sometimes fitted with a tap) to then be collected in a metal tray with a fire burning below it to re-heat it and pour it in at the top again.

However antique stone tubs such as this one are often purchased for use as planters, or landscaped water features in gardens or even inside. Several together, or a classic pair look especially good positioned to flank an entrance or path-ways.

Weight approx : 810 kg (1,786 US lbs)

Dimensions approx :

  • Exterior diameter : 125 cm (49 inches)
  • Interior diameter : 101 cm (40 inches)
  • Height : 92 cm (36 inches)
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