Monumental 19th century granite entrance gateways

Reference : 201735

Monumental 19th century granite entrance gateways which include the main gateway, its pedestrian archways, the decorative stone pillars, the side walls, and the wrought iron gates. There are two cast iron wheel chasers at the base of the main gateway pillars. The gates are of course in solid iron, traditional wrought iron assembled at the forge in the days before welding. Provenance from a Britanny manor-house, the last photos were taken before dismantling. 

Age : presumed second half of 19th century. 

Metric Dimensions :

Overall width of the complete entranceway : 10.40 metres

Main entrance width : 3.65 metres x 3.80 metres high

2 pedestrian archways width 1 metre x 2.50 metres high

Main pillars measure 80 x 80 cm in section x height 4.70 metres

Height of adjacent side walls : 3.10 metres

On display at BCA’s Méry-Corbon

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