Cardinal Richelieu’s limestone bench – 17th century

Reference : 01611

Cardinal Richelieu’s limestone bench – 17th century: antique 17th century French limestone bench with known provenance from the lavish parks and water gardens created in the 17th century at the Château de Reul initially from 1606 to 1620 by Jean de Moisset (an important financier of Henri IV) and subsequently by the Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642) under Louis XIII’s reign. This long bench is one of the last vestiges of the château and water gardens which pre-dated Versailles, but following decline were demolished with the land sub-divided after the French Revolution by the Maréchal Massena. The bench has come through 350 years outdoors in remarkable condition. Now on display at BCA’s Normandy premises at Méry Corbon between Caen and Lisieux.
Metric dimensions approx: Length 575cm. Overall height 100cm. Seat height 50cm. Seat platform front to back 49cm.
Imperial dimensions approx: Length almost 19 feet. Overall ht 3ft 4 ins. Seat ht 20 inches. Seat platform front to back 19 inches. Export document supplied.

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