Antique stone floor – black & white check

Reference : 01310

Antique stone floor – black & white check. Our first stock ref 01310 was an early 19th century antique stone floor with provenance from the Palais de Justice in Nantes, recently converted into a Radisson Hotel. This having inspired us, we have taken antique reclaimed square limestone floor tiles and antique Angers slate flagstone, so are now able to supply more in greater quantities from our current stocks. Particularly old with worn surfaces with some partially scraped, this resulting “chess board” stone flooring is unmistakably reclaimed and antique, with authentic patina built up over time. Nevertheless, although the off-white limestone and blue-black slate squares are genuine antique reclaimed stone, this ref 01310 flooring is a “marriage” of two stocks.

Metric Dimensions approx : • Format : 330mm x 330mm • Thickness varies : de 30mm to 50mm

Imperial Dimensions approx : • Format : 13 x 13 inches • Thickness varies : 1.2 to 2 inches Suggestion. For larger surface areas, and at a far lower cost, choose our “chessboard” refs 01099 limestone, or ref 201668 marble flooring.

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