Antique Caen limestone floor

Reference : 01410

Antique Caen limestone floor : Difficult to source, antique reclaimed Caen limestone floor in the form of square pavers, certainly no more recent than 19th century and probably considerably older. This is a particularly special French limestone, which was also used for building in England after the Norman Conquest (Tower of London etc) as well as in Normandy and further afield across France. Format is approx 35 x 35cm x thickness 3 cm. IE: 13.8 x 13.8 inches x thickness 1.2 inch approx. Some size thickness variation to anticipate … these were hand sawn and not calibrated. Contact us if that is a requirement. Current quantity available approx 35 sq metres (376 sq ft), but a very large consignment will soon be in stock (late April).

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