Limestone octagon flooring with terra-cotta cabochons

Reference : 201705

Limestone octagon flooring with terra-cotta cabochons. We prepare this natural limestone flooring cutting to octagonal format, then giving it a lightly aged patina to the upper surface and edges in order to closely replicate historic centuries-old floors, particularly from the 18th century. Using our reclaimed antique French terracotta squares for the “cabochon” corners is a variation on the classic blue-black corner squares of our refs 01147 “Patrimoine” and 01012 “Cathédrale”.

See BCA’s ref 01219 Antiqued EOS limestone for doing matching perimeter borders and doorway thresholds in the same stone.

Metric Dimensions approx:

Octagons : 300mm x 300m x thickness 20mm ; The “Cabochon” corner squares : 125mm x 125mm

Imperial Dimensions approx:

Octagons measure 11.8 x 11.8 inches x thickness 0.8 inch ; The “Cabochon” corner squares measure 4.92 x 4.92 inches



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