Antique limestone flooring with round cabochons

Reference : 2019133

Antique limestone flooring with round cabochons. This is a rare format of formal antique stone flooring, as generally square cabochons were used rather than circular ones. Cutting the 1/4 round corners and circular cabochons is far more time consuming than for squares. We recently sold a fine 18th century Bourgogne limestone floor with round cabochons, chic, with provenance from a French convent. This having inspired us, we have taken antique square limestone floor tiles and antique black stone cabochons, have done the corner cutting, and are now able to supply more in greater quantities from current stocks.

Particularly old with worn but partially scraped surfaces, this resulting stone flooring is unmistakably reclaimed antique. Nevertheless, although the off-white limestone squares and the round slate cabochons are genuine antique reclaimed stone, this ref 2019133 flooring is a “marriage” of two stocks.

Dimensions approx:
Metric: 30cm x 30cm x original thickness 3cm to 4cm.
Imperial: 12 inches x 12 inches x original thickness 1.2 to 1.6 inches.
Cabochon diameter approx 5cm (2 inches)

If the variable original thickness is an issue, consult us for the possibility of having the undersides calibrated down to a uniform thickness.

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