Antique French limestone grand entrance steps

Reference : 2019105

Antique French limestone grand entrance steps : It is exceptional to source such an authentic set of antique “Hotel Dieu” stone stairs, with its wear and patina impossible to replicate in new stone. They are suitable for integration into a classic “Monument Historique” project in France or overseas, or as wide stairs to enable a change of level on a terraced landscape for example. They will prove to be a fantastic architectural or landscape feature. The limestone is hard, either Bourgogne stone or equivalent. There are a couple of spare steps which could be used for repairs. In their original context they were main entrance steps up to the doorway (with the stone pediment) into the courtyard of what had been the village castle. It is recorded that by the 18th century it was derelict, and by order of Louis XV was handed over in 1755 to a religious order to found a hospital (see the old postcard and provenance photo). It is assumed that they date from that 18th century transformation.


  • Overall: width 6.88cm (22ft 7ins) x front-to-back 2.25cm (7ft 5ins) x 6 steps total height 1m (3ft 4ins)
  • Length of top step 3.57m (11ft 8ins)
  • Tread height 16.7cm (6.5 inches) x tread front-to back approx 33cm (12 inches) varying a little
  • Bottom step end radius 180cm (71 inches)
  • Top step end radius 35cm (14 inches)

We also have more antique steps (ref 00408) and flagstones (refs 00096 & 10096) for adjacent zones if necessary. On display in BCA’s landscaped show-area at our Normandy premises at Méry-Corbon, between Caen and Lisieux. Please contact prior to visiting.

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