19th century stair treads from Parisian property

Reference : 201925

19th century stair treads from Parisian property : 19th century stair treads from Parisian property. 20 steps in hard French limestone, each with a classic rounded nosing. They are in good condition with their original patina, authentically worn but not excessively. The wrought iron spindles have been cut off, but not flush with the ends of the treads.

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Dimensions approx :

Tread length 110cm (43.3 inches)
Height 16cm (6.3 inches)
Viewed from above, the exposed part of each tread is approx 31cm (12 inches) front-to-back, with the overall front-to-back including the overlap approx 35cm (14 inches).

The total rise of the 20 steps is approximately 3.2 metres (10 ft 6 inches), or a little more when joints are allowed for.

On display at our Normandy premises at Méry-Corbon, between Caen and Lisieux

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