Antique French tuffeau limestone fireplace

Reference : 201719

Antique French tuffeau limestone fireplace. Carved in France’s Loire region tuffeau white limestone, this antique chimneypiece has an overmantel. Tuffeau is a relatively soft limestone that easy to carve with fine detail, and is the classic stone of Loire Valley chateaux. This particular fireplace is in the Louis XIV style and comes from the Angers area near BCA’s main premises.  

Metric Dimensions approx :

Overall height is 2840 mm and height of the lower fireplace section is 1310 mm

Overall width is 1800 mm x front to back 600 mm.

Firebox : height below lintel 1060 mm x width between side jambs 1430 mm.

Imperial Dimensions approx :

Overall height is 112 inches and height of the lower fireplace section is 55.5 inches

Overall width is 71 inches x front to back 24 inches.

Firebox : height below lintel 41,7 inches x width between side jambs 56,3 inches.

It is on display at BCA’s l’Hôtellerie-de-Flée in the Maine & Loire near Angers. Some repairs to this fireplace can be undertaken by BCA (49)


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