Antique french farmhouse fireplace

Reference : 202293

Antique french farmhouse fireplace : This antique French farmhouse fireplace was made in limestone in the 19th century, or earlier. Of such simple design is is hard to age, but it’s in limestone from the Charente region of Western France. Of particular interest is the intriguing old graffiti that has been carved into the lintel stone. Several of the photos show this. The old style writing is a challenge to decipher! 

Dimensions approx :

  • Overall height: 125cm (49 inches)
  • Overall width:  130cm (51 inches)
  • Height below lintel : 103cm (40.5 inches)
  • Width between side jambs 97cm (38 inches)
  • Jamb width : 14cm (5.5 inches)
  • Front to back of side jambs : 42cm (16.5 inches)
  • Mantel shelf front to back : 29cm (11.5 inches)

On display at BCA’s Maine & Loire premises at L’Hôtellerie-de-Flée.

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